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                • 數控車床


                扼要描述:1、機床精度高,主軸接納哈爾濱軸承HRB高緊密度雙滾珠軸承支承,樂音低,精度高,不變性好。 2、床身導軌經超音頻淬火后精磨,硬度高,剛性好。 3、電動四工位刀架接納緊密齒盤定位,反復定位精度高。 4、尾架具備?疾速凸輪夾緊裝配,任務效力高。尾??座套筒內有防止鉆頭扭轉的裝配,防止了因誤操縱引發的鉆頭扭轉而毀傷尾座套筒內孔錐度,有用的掩護了尾座部件。 5、數控體系接納廣數體系或凱恩帝等國際外品牌,可選用夾雜式步進機電驅動或交換伺服機電驅動,也可按照用戶請求選配別的體系。 6、易于操縱,出格合用于龐雜整機或對精度較高的多量量整機的加工,也是數控講授的挑選。

                • 終產物尺寸:CK6136/CK6140/CK6150
                • 銷售商性情:
                • 自動更新時期:2021/11/20 11:31:40
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                  1. The machine tool has high precision. The spindle is supported by Harbin Bearing HRB high-precision double ball bearing, with low noise, high precision and good stability.   2. The bed guide rail is finely ground after ultra audio frequency quenching, with high hardness and good rigidity.   3. The electric four station tool rest adopts precision gear disc positioning, with high repeated positioning accuracy.   4. The tailstock has a fast cam clamping device with high working efficiency. The tailstock sleeve is provided with a device to prevent the bit from rotating, which avoids the damage to the taper of the inner hole of the tailstock sleeve caused by the bit rotation caused by misoperation, and effectively protects the tailstock components.   5. The CNC system adopts well-known brands at home and abroad such as Guangshu system or Kandi. It can be driven by hybrid stepping motor or AC servo motor, or other systems can be selected according to user requirements.   6. Easy to operate, especially suitable for the processing of complex parts or large quantities of parts with high precision. It is also the first choice for NC teaching.  



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